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Summer Reading 2020-2021


9th Graders

                -“Teach Me How to Work and Keep Me Kind”   by Joseph Fiener

                   From American Educator Fall 2016   (from Opposing Viewpoints in Context)


                -“Starting High School” by Teens


                -“Turning Light into Matter” by Shannon Palus


                -“What the Declaration of Independence Really Claimed” by Randy Barnett

                  From The Volokh Conspiracy (July  4,2015)

                -“8 Ways to Find More Time to Read, Even If You’re Super Busy” by Elizabeth Sile



10th Graders

                -Ten Reasons People Still Need Cursive”


                -“The Meaning of Magna Carta Since 1215”

                 By Ralph V. Turner (History Today Volume 23  Issue 9  September 2003)


                -“A Surprising Fix for Sickle Cell” by Karen Weintraub (Scientific American May 2016)



11th Graders

                -“Benefits & Costs of Social Media in Adolescence” (Pediatrics Journal)

                -“Lead in Your Water: Is Any Amount Safe? “ & “The Flint Water Crisis: What’s Really Going On”

                 By Adrian Dingle (ChemMatters Dec 16-Jan 17)


                -“Can We Make Cars that Are Clean, Fuel-Efficient, and Powerful? by John Uhlrich

                 From ChemMatters (Feb/March 2017)

                -“The Extinction Crisis”  from



12th Graders

                -“Dubuque:  Creating a Culture of Engagement”  by Sarah Lipscomb


                -“My Graduation Speech” by Neil Postman

                -“Richard Feynman & The Connection Machine” (The Long Now) by W. Daniel Hills

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