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This classroom if an introduction into the fine arts.  Art 1 will focus on the Elements of Art.  

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  • 5-21-2020 Announcement

    Hello Everyone.  It's been a while since the last announcement.  I wanted to remind you that you have a total of five assignments due for this class.  I'm not going to add any more at this point in time because I want you all to focus on getting everything done.  Now, I don't want you to wait until the last second to submit your assignments.  If you still have something to complete and turn in to me, then let's get it done. 

    Also, next week is locker clean out and that means we need to get our art work our of the art room.  Everyone has a portfolio that they need to pick up and take home with them in addition to cleaning out their locker.  Even if you plan to take art next year I still want you to take your portfolios home.  I will be at school on The 26th and 27th to supervise those who come in to get their things.  If you come at a later date,  you will need to get access to the art room to find your belongings.  

    I will  send out another reminder  on Monday of next week. Till then, take care and get things turned in.


    -Mr. McVay

  • 5-6-20 Announcement

    Assignment # 5 is now loaded.

  • 5-4-20 Announcement

    Attention all Seniors!  All assignments must be turned in by May 11th.  You will have one more assignment posted tomorrow. Please make sure to have all work completed and submitted to me no later than May 11th.  

    Also, May 14th is Senior locker clean out.  When you come to clean out your lockers and turn in your cromebooks you can also come by the art room and pick up your portfolios and projects to take home.  

    Any questions, contact me.

    -Mr. McVay

  • 4-29-20 Announcement

    Hello everyone!  I just want to touch base with all of you for this week.  You still have plenty of time to work and submit your assignments.  As of today 4-29-20, You have 4 assignments.  Please, do not wait to do them.  I extended the due dates until the last day of school to give you flexibility.  But don't procrastinate!  The end of the year is coming fast so let's finish strong!  I will have your next assignment ready for you on Monday.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    -Mr. McVay

  • 4-21-20 Announcement

    Assignment # 4 is ready.  Please see the Assignment section for instructions.

  • 4-18-20 Announcement

    Attention all Art students.  Effective immediately, all work is to be submitted through my gmail /panther country account until further notice.  I have two email addresses listed on each classroom homepage, and there is a link for submitting work through the panther country classroom.  But please, use only my gmail account to send me your work.  If you're not familiar with what it looks like, here it is:     

    This will make it easier for me to go through submitted assignments and be able to go back and check past emails.

    -Mr. McVay

  • 4-17-20 Announcement

    Hello everyone.  I just wanted to give an update on a couple of things that came to my attention the last couple of days.  Apparently, your assignments disappear off of the live page that you all see once the due date for those assignments has come and gone.  I wasn't aware of this fact until yesterday.  But as of right now, I think we have the problem fixed and you should be able to see all of the past assignments listed.  Second, I want to clarify a new class policy.  From this point out, the due dates for all projects are being pushed back to the end of May.  So if you haven't completed an assignment, please go back and complete anything you are missing.  


  • 4-14-20 Announcement

    If you haven't submitted work for assignments 1 or 2, there is still time. I will still accept your work until this Friday.  Try your best to get things to me by then.

    -Mr. McVay

  • 4-13-20 Announcement

    Assignment 3 has been loaded.  Please see the assignment section for details.  

  • 4-9-20 Announcement

    Hello everyone.  Due to the severe weather on Tuesday night, I'm going to wait to assign anything new until next Monday.  I have been preoccupied with the cleanup and now I'm a little behind on things.  Keep checking  your online classes for updates.  Have a safe 3 day weekend.  

    Mr. McVay

  • 4-6-20 Announcement

    Assignment 2 has been loaded.  Please check the assignments section for details.  

  • 4-3-20 Announcement

     Hello everyone.  I just wanted to let you all know that your next assignment will be uploaded on Monday.  My goal will be to have one to two assignments per week moving forward.  It's very important that you check back periodically to see what will be due for this class.  Also, assignments must be submitted by the due dates.  Because of the extended time I'm allotting for the assignments, I can't make exceptions for this.  Also, for the time being use my gmail when submitting responses, uploading pictures, etc.  

    Alright guys, have a nice weekend and check for your next assignment on Monday.

    -Mr. McVay

  • 3-30-20 announcement

    If you are trying to share something with me via google, please use my school gmail:

  • 3-30-20 Announcement

    Just an update for all my Art 1 classes.  Because there are still quite a few of you who haven't submitted a response to the video assignment,  I am going to extend the due date to this Wednesday April 1st.  

    Please watch this video.

    After you see the video, send me a response ( 1 paragraph) telling me what you like about it.  


  • 3-20-20 Announcement

    Please begin work on the first online assignment.

  • 3-19-20 Announcement

    Greetings to all my Art 1 students.  I want everyone to know that this will be a learning process for all of us.  I have never had an online classroom before so please be patient with me.  I will do my best to let everyone know what they will need to do for this new classroom. 

    Please make sure to read the Weekly Announcements when I post them and also look for any assignments I will have uploaded.  I plan to have your first assignment up for you to view tomorrow.  Until then, take care.  

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