Making Math FUN!

Making Math Fun!

Math is one of those subject areas that can be very frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be. Finding ways to make math fun will inspire students to want to practice, which will further enhance their learning. There are several board games that can help develop and enrich math skills while having fun with the family. Here are a few suggestions for board games that parents and students could enjoy together.

Battleship, Guess Who, Sorry, Trouble and Parcheesi are games that involve counting, probability and risk-taking skills. In addition, Battleship can help students learn about the horizontal and vertical axes, a desired skill in geometry.

Monopoly and Pay Day are games that help students learn to recognize bills and coins, add and subtract money, make change and budget their funds. These are the math skills that become invaluable as a child grows into adulthood. Monopoly can also be used to reinforce skills like multiplication.

Memory is a great game to teach younger students how to sort, classify and match items according to the items’ attributes.

Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders and Hi Ho! Cherry-O are great games to reinforce basic counting and numerical skills.

For families who enjoy playing games on the computer, one of my favorite websites for math practice is This site offers a variety of games, in bright vivid colors, that are broken down by a specific math focus for students of all age groups.

The students at Pleasant Valley continue to learn new and exciting concepts in Math Expressions.  Story Problems is the current focus in many grades where students will integrate real-world experiences with problem solving as they learn effective strategies to assist them in solving different types of problems.  As you your family prepares for the holidays try  to incorporate fun  math activities into your busy schedule:

Holiday Baking – Get everyone involved with the baking as you use measuring tools to make your favorite recipe.  You can practice conversions by converting hours to minutes or minutes to seconds.  Students can figure out how much more ingredients will be needed if you double the recipe or how much less if you only need half the recipe. 

Gift Wrapping – Make wrapping gifts fun by incorporating measurements.  Have your tape measure handy to measure the dimensions of a package.  Students can then figure out how much wrapping paper is needed to successfully wrap the gift.

The possibilities for incorporating math in your holiday festivities are endless! Have a blast trying some of the ideas or creating your own holiday math fun. I would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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