Classroom Expectations


Grades are based on daily work, homework, tests, participation, and effort.

100-90 A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

Below 59 F

 **Grades will be posted on Progress Book**


Nightly homework can be found in the provided take home/homework folder. Typically, class time will be given to begin work. Homework is worth points and is required as it ensures repetition at home, points will be lowered each day that it is late.

•Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe will be sent home every Friday. Please practice your child's words nightly. A spelling test will be given every Friday. A parent signature will be required in order for the child to receive full credit.
•An English practice test will be sent home at the end of each unit. Students will have a week at home to complete this assignment. If the student returns the practice test, they will receive a homework pass.
•A monthly reading log will be provided to record nightly reading. The student is to complete the comprehension piece and reading piece. A parent signature will be required in order for the child to receive full credit.
•A monthly math log will be sent home at the beginning of each month to practice math facts. A parent signature will be required in order for the child to receive full credit.

There will also be additional homework sent home daily that correlates with the daily lessons taught.

Please look for a homework stamp on your child’s paper. This stamp serves a place to sign your signature and allows for your child to receive full credit on their work. THANKS!


Make-Up Work

Student will be given work after he or she returns to school. The student will receive one day for each missed day to turn in make-up work. At anytime you know your child will be a missing a day of school, please let the school know.

Discipline  Plan

Classroom Rules:

Respect others at all time.

Listen quietly when others are speaking.

Be quiet and orderly in the hallways.

Follow classroom procedures.

Leave room only with permission.


1st offense: warning (yellow)

2nd offense: teacher's choice (orange)

3rd offense: office visit/full detention (red)


Students will always start their day on PURPLE. If the child remains on PURPLE (or moves up to pink, blue, or green) throughout the ENTIRE day, he or she will fill out their calendar located in their blue folder and have an opportunity to receive various rewards throughout the week or month. Each day your child "moves up" (good choices, great choices, or excellent choices) they will receive a dot on their clip, the goal is to get 10 dots on their clip. Once they receive 10 dots, they will retire their old clip and will receive the next color in line and their old clips will be placed on the "Wall of Fame". Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Discipline referrals are made to Mrs. Pappas.

**If students do not come to class prepared, with their classroom folders they will be asked to flip their cards until the desired item(s) are brought to class.


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