1st & 2nd Grade Spelling  

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Spelling Practice Activities 
1. Rainbow Words- Write your words and trace over them in 3 different colors.

2. Ransom Words- Cut letters out of newspaper, magazines, or write them out on paper and cut them, then glue them together to build your words.

3. Hidden Words- Write your words and find hidden words in your words. Ex. that – hat – at

4. Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check- You may get the activity sheet from your teacher or you can do it on your own in your notebook.

5. Shaving Cream Words- Write your words out in shaving cream.  Parent initials required in spelling notebook.

6. Tracing Words- Trace your words in sand, on felt, in the carpet, using your finger.  Parent initials required in your spelling notebook.

7. Word Search- Create a word search on puzzlemaker.com.  Find your words.

8. Word Hunt- Search for your words in books/texts or around the house. Write your words as you find them.

9. Font-abulous- Type your words in 3 different fonts on the computer.

10. Chalk Talk- Write your words in chalk.  You can do this activity with a dry erase board and marker too.  Parent initials required in the spelling notebook.

11. 3 Way Words- Write your words three ways, really big, really small, and in your best handwriting.

12. Word Boxes- Write your words.Then make boxes around each letter. Ex.  h   a   p   p   y 13.  Trace & Spell- Have someone write your words neatly.  Trace the words spelling out each letter in the word.

14. Spelling Sentences- Write the word, use it in a sentence, write the word. 

15. Pretest- Take a pretest. Check over each of your words.  Write any incorrect words 3 times each.

16. ABC Order- Write your words in abc/alphabetical order 3 times.

  • Spelling Homework

    Please check your child's FOLDER for Mrs. Truax's room each night. It is very typical for your child to have homework nightly. Every Friday they will recieve a spelling tic-tac-toe homework sheet along with their new spelling words. Tic-tac-toe spelling will be due EVERY FRIDAY along with 3 signatures. Please contact me with any questions.



    *spellingcity.com is a great resource to practice spelling words!

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