Homework Notes: All homework will be posted in your child's student planner on the actual day it is assigned. The page/side that needs to be completed at home will be marked with a red "HW" and circled. This will always be a homework symbol. Homework needs to be turned in the next school day. Late work will result in loss of a letter grade. I reserve the right to not accept work if it is too late.

Vocabulary Notes: Knowing math terms is a key to success! As an introduction to each new chapter we will be discussing the vocabulary words and definitions necessary to master the skills. These terms will be seen on various questions on the chapter tests as well as on the Math Achievement Test. There will be a vocabulary quiz the day before the chapter test.

Tests Notes: The date the test is scheduled is a "plan". There are cases where we are not ready and the test can be pushed back a day or two. I will never give a test before the scheduled date. All tests will have fill-in and multiple choice answers. Students will see both forms of questions on the Math Achievement Test and we do our best to prepare them for such. As a class we will make a study guide the day before the chapter test. The study guide is just a different form of the actual test that will be given. Basically, if your child knows how to do all problems on the study guide, they should do well on the test.

Math Facts Timed Tests: Your child needs to know basic math facts to understand the skills that will be taught in 4th grade. They will be graded on practicing those facts by passing daily in-class timed test (at least three per week) and through a weekly timed test for a grade in Progress Book. Daily math homework will be to practice basic multiplication facts for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. The weekly graded timed tests can greatly effect your child's math grade.


*Please contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Together we can ensure the success of your child!

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