Report Card Standards

Report Card Standards


Characteristics of Successful Learner:

  • Cooperates with others
  • Shares and takes turns
  • Shows self-control
  • Accepts responsibility for actions
  • Follows school and classroom rules
  • Follows directions
  • Shows interest and participates in class activities
  • Tries to solve own problems
  • Works neatly
  •  Demonstrates appropriate attention span
  • Recognizes authority
  • Cleans up after self
  • Listens attentively and responds appropriately



  • Counts on by 1s (Midyear- 50 End of year- 100)
  • Count by 10s to 100
  • Counts Objects. (Midyear- 10 End of year- 20)
  • Estimates the number of objects in a collection
  • I.D. numbers (Midyear- 0-12 End of year- 13-31)
  • Writes numbers (Midyear- 0-10 End of year- 11-20)
  • Demonstrates position of objects
  • Uses positional words to describe the placement of objects
  • Orders numbers (Midyear- 0-10 End of year- 0-20)
  • Compares numbers (Midyear- 0-10 End of year- 0-20)
  • Uses graphs to answer simple questions
  • Identifies geometric shapes (Midyear- 2 dimensional End of year- 3 dimensional)
  • Extends, describes and creates patterns (Midyear- simple End of year- complex)
  • Sort objects

Second Semester

  • Uses a ten frame to count numbers 11-19
  • Uses nonstandard measurement tools
  • Identifies and states the value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters
  • Models a simple story problem using objects (= & -)
  • Counts by 5s to 20
  • Fluently add and subtract up to 5



  • Identifies the author and illustrator
  • Participates in group reading activities with understanding
  • Recognizes and produces rhyming words
  • Distinguishes the number of syllables by clapping and counting
  • Uses reading strategies to identify unknown words and text
  • Identifies characters and setting in a story
  • Retells familiar stories, including key details
  • Read emergent-reader texts with understanding
  • Recalls information about a topic/text
  • Reads simple words using sound blending

Letter Recognition:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Sound

High Frequency Words:

  • 38 sight words
  • 11 colors words
  • 0-10 number words

Writing Stages:

  • Draws pictures to convey message
  • Writes letters for beginning and ending consonant sounds
  • Writes words with beginning and ending consonant sounds
  • Uses letter sounds to write words
  • Leaves spaces between words when writing

Second Semester:

  • Writes a sentence beginning with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark


  • Observes and describes daily and seasonal changes
  • Uses five senses to describe things in nature

Second Semester:

  • Understands the difference between living and nonliving
  • Explores objects that can be made to vibrate and produce sound

Social Studies:

  • Says phone number
  • Says address
  • Says full name
  • Uses maps and globes

Second Semester:

  • Recognizes United States’ symbols
  • Explores cultural and holiday traditions
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