Unit 6 Test Questions

6.1  Leah's Pony

1.  What causes the hard time on the farm?

2.  What is the theme of this story?

3.  Why is there an auction at the farm?

4.  How does Leah try to help her parents?

5.  What happens at the auction?

6.  What will most likely happen next?

7.  What made Leah decide to sell her pony?  Explain and support.

8.  Define the vocabulary words.


6.2  The Gold Rush Game

1.  Why do Eric's parents buy him the Gold Rush game?

2.  How can the reader tell that this story is science fiction?

3.  How does Erich change by the end of the story?

4.  What is the most likely reason the first prospector guesses that Eric and Matt are not from around there?

5.  How do Eric's parents probably feel when Eric give them Wong Daido's chop?

6.  How does Eric know that Wong Daido's dream came true?  Expalin and support.

7.  Define the vocabulary words.


6.3  Taking the Lead

1.  How did Dolores Huerta get strated as a community leader?

2.  What does Dolores Huerta believe the secret to bring about change is?

3.  Understand the difference between an opinion and a fact.

4.  How did the National Farm Workers Service Center help workers who had no homes?

5.  How did Huerta help many farmworkers who did not know English?

6.  How were Dlores Huerta and Cesar Chavez alike?

7.  What kind of person is Dolores Huerta?  Explain and Support.

8.  Define the vocabulary words.


6.4  Snowflake Bentley

1.  What word best describes Willie?

2.  What did Wilson Bently's town build to honor him?

3.  What happened to show that Willie was successful?

4.  What was the best sign that Willie would grow up to be a scientist?

5.  What did Willie discover about snowflakes?

6.  How did Bentley share with others what snowflakes looked like?  Explain and support.

7.  Define the vocabulary words.


6.5  How Ben Franklin Stole the LIghtning

1.  What are things mentioned in the story that Ben Franklin invented?

2.  Why did Ben Franklin invent bifocals?

3.  What was Ben Franklin's most important discovery according to the author of this article?

4.  What is the main idea of this article?

5.  What did Ben Franklin's experiment with the kite and key prove?

6.  What was one of Ben Franklin's ideas about health?

7.  What is the author's view of Ben Franklin?  Explain and support.

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