Unit 5 Test Questions

5.1 A Walk in the Desert

1. How do many desert animals get water?

2.Why do wood rats build large nests?

3. An elf owl is about the same size as what?

4. What do Jackrabbits' long ears help them do?

5. Which animals in the story are nocturnal?

6. Which desert animal is poisonous?

7-9 vocabulary.

10. How do plants and animals in the desert depend on one another?


5.2 Roadrunner's Dance

1. How is the problem that everyone is afraid of snake solved? 

2.How would you describe snake?

3. Who are the elders in the story?

4. Why doesn't Roadrunner want to be kind of the road?

5. How does Roadrunner teach Snake a lesson?

6. What will Roadrunner most likely do in the future?

7-9 vocabulary

10. What is the theme of the story?


5.3 Animals Come Home to Our National Parks

1. What is the main idea of this article?

2. What have the wolves of Yellowstone National Park done by the 1970's?

3. What happens when elk munch on trees and bushes?

4. According to the article, why have the ecosystems of our national parks changed?

5. How does reseracher Jennifer Murrow study elk in Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

6. Why did large numbers of wolves in the west die in the 1800's?

7-9 vocabulary

10. What happened to the ecosystem when certain animals returned to our national parks?


5.4 A Home in the Coral Reef

1. What recent change in oceas is making it hard for coral to grow?

2. How is a lagoon different from the open ocean?

3. What is the main way divers hurt coral?

4. What are coral polyps?

5. How does the author suggest people can help coral?

6. What is the main idea of this article?

7-9 vocabulary

10.How do plans and animals in coral reefs cooperate?


5.5 Adelina's Whales

1. What happened after the whale glided beside grandfather's boat for an hour?

2. Why does Adelina go to the beach every day after school in January?

3. Why do whales go to Laguna San Ignacio once a year?

4. What is a whale's flat tail called?

5. What happened fater Gradnfather's encounter with the whale?

6. How does Adelina feel about living in Laguna San Ignacio?

7-9 vocabulary

10.What are some ways the whales might remain part of Adelina's life in the future?

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