Unit 4 Test Questions

Unit 4 Fourth Grade Test Questions

4.1  The Cricket in Times Square

1.  Where is the cricket at the beginning of this story?

2.  What was Harry Cat doing just before he met Chester the cricket?

3.  TWhy is Tucker Mouse not afraid of Harry Cat?

4.  What is the theme of this story?

5.  What is the most likely reason Chester is afraid of Times Square?

6.  Why does Chester decide to stay in New York?

7.  How does Tucker Mouse try to help Chester?  Explain and support

8.  Define vocabulary words.


4.2  The Life and Tmes of the Ant

1.  How are ants differnt from most other insects?

2.  Why are the floors of ant chambers slanted?

3.  What is the job of a nurse ant?

4.  When ants find food, how do they lead other ants to the food?

5.  When did ants first appear on the Earth?

6.  What is the main purpose of an ant nest?

7.  How do ants make their homes?  Explain and support.

8.  Define vocabulary words.


4.3  The Power of Oil

1.  What was oil formed from long ago?

2.  To get power from most fuels, the fuels are ____?

3.  Which country uses the most oil?

4.  What is the main use for oil?

5.  Hybrid care are posered by gasoline and ____?

6.  What are some of the problems of depending on oil?  Explain and support.

7.  Define vocabulary words.


4.4  Irma and the Great Texas Ostrich Race

1.  What can the reader tell about Ima from this story?

2.  Why does Ima's father give her an ostrich?

3.  How does Ima feel when she first sees the ostrich?

4.  How do Ima's brothers feel when they see the ostrich?

5.  What happens the first time Ima tries to ride the ostrich?

6.  What is the theme of this story?

7.  What kind of person is Ima?  Explain and support.

8.  Define vocabulary words.


4.5  My Brother's Flying Machine

1.  Who is the narrator of this story?

2.  Where did the brothers go to test their first powered aircraft?

3.  What are some details that support the idea that the Wright brothers were clever inventors?

4.  What did the brothers decided to do when the first aircraft was not successful?

5.  How did the brothers decide who would pilot their airplane on its first flight?

6.  How did the Wright brothers change the world?  Explain and support.

8.  Define vocabulary words.

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