Unit 3 Test Questions

Unit 3 4th Grade Test Questions

3.1  When I Went to the Library

1.  In Cara's view, who should share the blame for what happened at the library?

2.  Why does Cara take the snake into the library?

3.  Why is Mr. Winston upset when he sees the snake?

4.  What does Mr. Winston do when he see the snake?

5. How does the snake escape?

6.  What will Cara's parents let her do if she shows that she is really sorry?

7.  What kind of person is Cara?  Explain and support.

8.  Define vocabulary words.


3.2 Dear Mrs. LaRue

1.  At the end of the story, what will Ike most like need to do to keep Mrs. LaRue happy?

2.  Why does Ike write letters to Mrs LaRue?

3.  What can the reader conclude about Ike's experience at the canine academy?

4.  What did Ike do just before Mrs. LaRue sent hime away to school?

5.  Why does Mrs. LaRue send Ike a card?

6.  What does Ike do when he sees Mrs. LaRue cross the street without looking?

7. How do Ike and Mrs. LaRue get back together?  Explain and support.

8.  Define vocabulary words.


3.3 Words Add Up to Success

1.  Why did Jaime Escaleante wear a chef's hat to school one day?

2. What did a student have to do if late to Escaleante's class?

3.  How did Excalante get his students to work harder?

4.  Find a detail that support the idea that Escalante was a good teacher.

5.  What happened soon after Excalante's students took the advanced test?

6.  How did Excalante's students change from teh time when he first met them?  Explain and support.

7.  Define vocabulary words.


4.4  Ranita, The Frong Princess

1.  What word would describe Felipe?

2.  Why does Ranita want Felipe to kiss her?

3.  Find a detain in the story to prove that it is a fairy tale?

4.  What does Viceroy do when he learns of Felipe's promise?

5.  Why does Ranita call Pepe a prince?

6.  How is what happens to Felipe similar to what happened to Ranita?  Explain and support.

7.  Define vocabulary words.


4.5  Me and Uncle Romie

1.  Where did Uncle Romi live when he was growing up?

2. Why does James go to spend some time in New York?

3. In James's  view, how is New York different from North Carolina?

4.  What happens after James visits Romie's art studio?

5.  How does James change during the story:

6.  Why does Uncle Romie stay hidden away in his studio?

7.  In what ways are James and Uncle Romie alike.  Explain and support.

8. Define vocabulary words.


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