Unit 2 Test Questions

4th Grade Unit 2 Test Questions Studyguide

My Brother Martin

1.  What is the author's purpose in writing this selection?

2.  Why do the King children loosen the leg on the piano bench?

3.  What did Martin's fahter decide to do because the laws that treated black people were unfair?

4.  What event first showed the King children that some people treated African Americans unfairly?

5.  What even gave the King children hope for the future?

6. What reaction did Martin's father have about unfair laws against black people?

7.  Define vocabulary words.

8.  How would this article be different if it were written by someone who did not know Martin Luther King Jr?  Cite evidence from the text to justify your answer.

Mighty Jackie

1.  What is the author's purpose for writing this selection?

2.  What did Jackie Mitchell's father do when she was a child?

3.  Who taught Jackie to pitch?

4.  How did Jackie Mitchell improved her pitching skills?

5.  What did the crowd do after Mitchell struck out both Ruth and Gehrig?

6.  How did Jackie feel at the end of the exhibition game?

7.  Define vocabulary words.

8.  How was Jackie's pitching different from what Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig expected?  Cite evidence from the text to justify your answer.

Making a Splash

1.  Why does Rudy have no legs?

2.  How does a prosthetist help people?

3.  What happened when Rud was ten years old?

4.  Find details that support the idea that Rudy is a successful athlete.

5.  What is the purpose of the underwater cameras in the swimming pool where Rudy trains?

6.  Define vocabulary words.

7.  What personality traits have benn most important for Rudy's success as an athlete?  Cite evidence from the text to justify your answer


Wild Horses

  1.  How would you describe Dayton Hyde?
  2. Where were the wild mustangs when Hyde first saw them?
  3. Where did Dayton Hyde move the band of wild horses to?
  4. Why did Dayton Hyde decide to move the horses?
  5. What did Dayton Hyde have to do to make sure the wild horses did not wander into the neighbors’ wheat fields?
  6. What has the U.S. government done to protect wild horses?
  7. Know the definitions to all of the vocabulary words.

Mystic Horses

  1. What did the Pawnee do each year after they harvested their crops?
  2. How can the reader tell that the old woman and her grandson own very little?
  3. What happens just after the boy finds the sickly horse?
  4. What did the other people do when they first saw the horse?
  5. How does the boy first learn that the horse is special?
  6. What is the main lesson or theme of this story?
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