3rd grade Reading Study Guide

Week of October 24, 2016

4.2  Nacho and Lolita

1.  What does Nacho think of everything when he first arrives in San Juan Capistrano?

2.  Why does Nacho carry a branch with him for the long trip over the ocean?

3.  Why do Lolita and her chicks have to leave the Mission San Juan Capistrano?

4.  Wy does Nacho pluck all his beautiful colored feathers?

5.  What does Lolita think of Nacho when he no longer is colorful?

6.  How do the swallows find their way back to Capistrano in the spring?

7.  Why is Nacho worried that when the swallows return, Lolita won't like him anymore?

8.  What is the main theme or message in this story?  Explain and support.

9.  Define vocablary words.

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