Some of the students will take a second chance test over unit 6 week #3 words on Tuesday, November 22.  This was a very difficult test with a tough new rule.   

*Schwa:  When a vowel has an unexpected sound.  When there is a schwa, the vowel most often sounds like short u or short i (salad).  Sometimes the vowel sound is simply swallowed up.  Often, the second syllable in a two-syllable word is unaccented and the vowel sound is not easily heard (mitten).

Word List for Spelling # 13

plenty studio imitate piano quality radio medium continent amazement confidently hesitating dependable compliment protested predictable  

Sound Alike Words    Testing Words

oh                                finally, because, says


Dictation Sentences:

Did you estimate what the answer will  be?

Mr. Jones hesitated and then bravely spoke. 



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