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Mrs. Toth teaches Reading

The most important and effective exercise for reading is Reading. Reading a grade-level chapter book for 20 minutes each night is expected. We have researched and found that this consistent reading practice is the best road to success in all academic areas. I like to compare it to any sports activity. If you practice that sport for an hour one night and not again for several days, you would not excel. Please help us enforce this critical, consistent reading assignment of 20 minutes of grade-level reading each night. You will not have a reading log at home this year. I will do that in class with each student as they conference with me about the book they are reading. Please read aloud at home as much as possible. Please remember that students should be reading chapter books on grade level. You will also be responsible for one book talk about your completed book by the end of each month. Book talks are each Friday so you will have four opportunities to complete a book talk before the end of the month.
It is also important to have this chapter book at all times for SSR and discussion in the classroom. I have books in my library, as well as the school library if students are not able to bring one from home.

We also have a subscription to Scholastic News. These magazines will come home on Monday and must be completed and returned by Thursday. They do not come every week so please check the planner and my website for this assignment. Students must underline the evidence in the articles for their answers to the questions on the back of the magazine.

  • Staying Healthy to Stay in School

    Please follow all safety protocols so we can stay in school:

    *wear masks 

    *maintain social distancing

    *avoid groups of more than 10

    *wash and sanitize hands frequently

    We love having our students back at Nolley with us! Let's work hard to keep them here.

  • Scholastic News

    Scholastic News due Thursday

    Students must underline in the articles where they found their answers to the questions.

  • Comprehension Prompt

    Students will be required to complete one 4th grade level chapter book each month. They will do a book talk and complete a comprehension prompt in class about that book, also each month. 




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