Student Planners and Graded Work

Homework and grades
I will assign and post homework as needed. Homework will also be written in student planners.

Graded Work
Each Monday your child will bring home all the graded work from the previous week, therefore this is really the only night you will have to check for papers. Grades will be posted on Progress Book each weekend, if not before.

There will be a colored signature sheet on top for you to check the appropriate box and sign. This paper comes back to school on Tuesday, and the work papers are kept at home.

If you have any questions, feel free to add a note to the signature sheet. We have this procedure to ensure that you are getting all your child's papers home. In the past, parents have said they weren't getting the work, so 4th grade teachers decided on the once-a-week system. Tests and study guides will be sent home more frequently. Also, if I have a serious concern about your child's progress I will send a paper home sooner with a note.

Assignment Planners
In 3rd grade, parents and teachers signed the assignment planner. This year, to enable your child to become more independent, no one needs to sign the planner. Students are responsible for recording assignments. I write important information on the board, and students copy it to their assignment planner. Of course, news will also be posted to this site.

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