Monthly Math Ideas

Monthly Math Ideas:

Math Websites:

1.  Log onto your Xtramath account at

2. go to the Math arcade to practice your facts.










Family Math Activities:

  1. Play addition war with someone in my family (Flip two cards up and add/subtract the two numbers together.  Jacks =11, Queens =12, Kings=0)
  2. Addition/subtraction bingo. (If you would like to check out a bingo game for a night please see Mrs. Grandon.)


  1. Play with dice. Toss the flash cards and practice adding, subtracting or multiplying using the numbers you roll on dice.


  1.  Write the answer, paint the answer, water on cement, chalk on sidewalk, or window crayon on window.  One person flashes the cards and the other guy writes.


  1.  Play Yahtzee and you add the numbers on the dice (not your parent J).


  1.  Baseball Card Comparison – Collect several baseball cards and ask questions based on the information from each player.  For example: How many more runs did one player have than another? What was the difference between their ERA’s?


  1.  Play Concentration. Use index cards and pens, and make sets of cards (one with the equation, one with the answer). Lay the cards face down and take turns trying to find matches, concentration style.


  1. Skip count. Count by fives, sevens, etc. as you pass time or play games. For instance, count by threes as you climb a flight of stairs or have kids brush their teeth until they get to 100 by counting in their heads by fours.


  1. Play chocolate chip math. Get a pile of chocolate chips and ask random math questions. Right answers get chocolate chips. Wrong answers lose a chocolate chip.


  1. EGG-cellent Equations – Recycle a used egg carton and two beans for this basic fact review. Write the numbers 1-12 in the bottom of each egg compartment. Get two beans and place them inside the egg carton.  Shake the closed carton and add or subtract from the numbers on which the beans land.


Mathematical “I Spy” – While driving down the road, spot numbers on signs, storefronts, vehicle tags and make addition or subtraction problems from the numbers

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