Monthly Math

The only way to achieve mastery is through practice. Each week three-four new facts are assigned.  If your child memorizes those 3-4 facts each week by the end of the year, they will have mastered their facts.  Quiz your child each day on these few facts and it won't take long to create mastery. The following are some ways that I've practiced math facts with my own children:

  • Quiz them in the car on the way to ball practice or grandma's house
  • Flash cards races with a sibling
  • Play addition, subtraction, or multiplication war - You both flip two cards, add, subtract, or multiply the numbers and the greater number wins.  (Face cards are 10, Jokers 11 and Aces are 1)
  • Addition,subtraction, multiplication bingo
  • Computer games or websites

Please help your child to become more successful in this area.  The students that consistently practice are the same students that achieve well on their timed tests.  Knowing the facts really helps a child with some of the higher level math skills that he/she will be learning. 

Students receive a ticket with each one minute timed test that they pass.  They save up their tickets to purchase items from the classroom treasure box.

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