May 17, 2021

Mrs. VanDorsten

     Weekly Newsletter

       May 17th, 2021


Phonics: -le syllables                       Handwriting: cursive uppercase

                                                          X, Y, Z    


Reading: End of Year Test;          Social Studies: Review needs/

Ohio History                                  wants; consumer/producer,trade,                                                                 factory; goods/services; Test Wed.


Spelling: Unit 33; Pretest (Wed)  Math: sides,angles of 2 dimensional

               Test Fri.                          shapes; 3 sided shapes; divide shapes

                                                       2,3,4 equal parts; area


English: Book Reports; Review     MATH FACTS: 13-5, 13-8, 16-9,16-7

Fact/opinion, titles, parts of a book;

Test Friday                  


Remember to be working on kindereconomy project.  The project is due on the 19th.  Any questions, please call.  May 18th Track and Field 12:45. (Parents can attend but social distance.) Please make sure your child wears RED SHIRTS AND tennis shoes and socks or they won’t be able to participate.  Awards Day- May 25th (Parents cannot attend but there will be a link on May 27th- Last Day Early Dismissal 11:30. Have a great weekend!

SPELLING                    VOCABULARY/BONUS                                       bubble                          Memorial Day   

crumble                       Independence Day

mantle                          Labor Day




candle                          SPECIALS:  LIBRARY







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