April 26, 2021

Mrs. VanDorsten’s

                                      Weekly Newsletter

                                       April 26, 2021

Phonics: oo, ew, ou, u, u-e        Handwriting: cursive uppercase O, P, Q



Reading: “Dig, Wait, Listen…”       Science: Food webs/chains

Author’s Purpose                                              


Spelling: Unit 30; Test (Fri.)       Math: know which measurement to use

 Pretest (Wed.)                     compare lengths; relate inches, feet, yards


                                                MATH FACTS: 15-6, 15-9, 11-9, 11-2

English: Making Autobiographies


Reading and Math log are due on the 30th.  This is the last one!!  Yay! There will be no logs for May.  May 18th Track and Field 12:45. (Parents can attend but social distance.)  Awards Day- May 25th (Parents cannot attend but there will be a link on panthercountry.org) May 27th- Last Day Early Dismissal 11:30.  Have a great weekend!

Spelling                                 VOCABULARY/BONUS

blew                                       burrow

grew                                       beyond

newt                                       warning

stew                                       lengthy

crew                                       distant



enough                                  SPECIAL: GYM






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