April 12, 2021

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                          Weekly Newsletter

                            April 12th, 2021


Phonics: review ou, ow with               Handwriting: cursive J, K, L

multisyllable words and suffixes               


Reading: Making Inferences       Science: How seasons affect plantsand “Nutik, the Wolf Pup”                    animals; camouflage, migrate, forage,                                                 hibernate; Life cycle of frog and butterfly                                    


Spelling: Unit 28; Pretest (Wed.) Math: tell and write time to quarterhour Test (Fri.)                               nearest five minutes; use am and pm when                                                        writing time


English: Adverbs tell how, when       MATH FACTS: any number- itself

where; Writing titles, suffixes less, ful



Our theme for the fun fair basket is Cozy at Home.  Any small donation is appreciated!   It is due by April 16th.  NO SCHOOL the 19th.  It is a teacher work day.  April Reading and Math logs are due on the 30th.  Please remember to bring water bottles and snack every day.  Also, please turn in student fees as soon as possible.  Make sure your child has an extra set of clothes in their lockers in case of any issues at recess.   Have a wonderful weekend!

SPELLING        VOCABULARY/BONUS                                 

growl                promised

flower               wiggled

brown              gleamed

crown               glanced

shower             noble



brought                        SPECIAL:  MUSIC





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