March 8, 2021

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                            Weekly Newsletter

                              March 8th, 2021


Phonics: vowel digraph oi, oy    Handwriting: lowercase cursive b

words; mark as a double vowel                          Capital A


Reading: “Compare/contrast different   Social Studies: Wax Museum

versions of same story                           practice speaking and                                                                                 presenting                                              

Spelling: Unit 24; No Pretest      Math: Dollars, Practice counting all

Test (Thursday)                            coin amounts; This is a very                                                                       important skill! Please practice                                                               every night!! 


English: Writing comparison/contrast   MATH FACTS: 6-2, 6-4, 14-7

multi paragraphs (informative writing)                                                   





Wax Museum report and posters are due on March 8th.  Conferences are on the 9th.   Wax Museum is on March 11th.   We thought it would be fun to have the students wear their costume to school on this day.  A zoom invite will be sent to parents’ email earlier in the day to do our Virtual Wax Museum at 5:30 p.m.  3rd quarter grades close March 11th.   Report Cards go home on the 19th.  No school on March 12th.  Scholastic Book Order is due on the 15th.  Spring break is March 29-April 5th.  

SPELLING                                      BONUS

dance                                     gigantic

cent                                        gorgeous

giant                                       alligator

edge                                       decade




recess                          SPECIAL: MUSIC



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