February 22, 2021

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                            Weekly Newsletter

                             February 22, 2021


Phonics: 2 syllable words with       Handwriting: cursive z, x

ey at the end, and y as a suffix                 

Reading: “Mice and Beans”          Social Studies: explorers, Reality/Fantasy                              colonists, American                                                                                    Revolution                

Spelling: Unit 23; PreTest (Wed.) Math: Ch 7 Test (Tues.) Ch 8      

                 Test (Fri.)                      Counting money: penny, dime, nickel                                                         quarter amounts    


English: Pronoun we, us, using

pronouns                                          MATH FACTS: 10-1, 10-9, any #-0

with verbs, Contractions, Homophones



Virtual or phone conferences are on March 9th 3:45-6:45. Conference slips went out Please confirm by next week. There are some of you who have not told me who you are going to be for Wax Museum.  We will be working on some projects in class so we need to know who you are!!!  Keep working on your wax museum project at home!  The report and poster are due on March 8th!  Virtual Wax Museum is on the 11th.  We thought it would be fun to have the students wear their costume to school on this day.  3rd quarter grades close March 11th.   Reading and Math Log are due March 1st.  Have a great weekend!

sPELLING                            VOCABULARY/BONUS                             chimney                                assembled

hockey                                   devoured

beyond                                  menu

donkey                                  simmered

honey                                     fetch




breakfast                               SPECIAL: GYM



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