February 16, 2021

                                Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                                       Weekly Newsletter

                                    February 16th, 2021


Phonics:  Long e- ee, ey, ea      Handwriting: cursive y,x

Multisyllable words                

Reading: Different versions of     Social Studies: Ch 3 History  

same story                                  Native Americans, explorers, colonists                           

Spelling: Unit 22; No Pretest      Math: problem solving w/ 3 digit #’s

Test Fri.                                        subtract with crossing out zeros;                                                                 Review Ch 7 Test (next Mon.) Use                                                               practice packet       


English: Pronouns- I, me, we, us  MATH FACTS: 9-1, 9-8, 10-5

Prounouns with verbs                    HW due and quiz on Thursday



No school on the 15th.  IQ testing for second graders will be on Feb. 17th-18th.  Virtual or phone conferences are on March 9th 3:45-6:45. Conference slips went out today (Friday).  Please confirm by next week. There are some of you who have not told me who you are going to be for Wax Museum.  We will be working on some projects in class so we need to know who you are!!!  Keep working on your wax museum project at home!  The report and poster are due on March 8th!  Virtual Wax Museum is on the 11th.  Reading and Math Log are due March 1st.  Have a great weekend!

SPELLING                             BONUS

indeed                                   colonies

sheep                                     pioneer

feel                                         slavery

cheap                                     pilgrims








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