December 14, 2020

 Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class


                             December 14, 2020


Phonics: suffixes ty, y, ly;          Science: Magnets

Review y as e and i, Test                              


Reading: Read alouds with           Handwriting:cursive lowercase

comprehension; Different Holidays                        lowercase  i, t, u


SPELLING: Unit 15 Pretest Wed.  Math:write and model numbers to 999

 Test Fri                                           MATH FACTS: 4+5, 5+4, 4+8, 8+4

English: Finish writing a letter



December Reading and Math log will not be due until the first day we get back in January!!  Jump the River is on the 17th.  Polar express will be celebrated on the 18th.  Make sure to wear your jammies and shoes!  Please do not bring sleeping bags or stuffed animals this year!  Holiday break is the 23d-Jan. 4th.  Have a wonderful holiday. 

SPELLING WORDS                      BONUS

cry                                                    Merry Christmas

baby                                                 Hanukkah

chilly                                                 Kwanzaa



tiny                       SPECIALS: LIBRARY






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