December 1, 2020

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                            Weekly Newsletter

                            December 1st, 2020


Phonics: open syllables, y as     Handwriting: cursive lowercase l, h

                     long i                          


Reading: “Alvin Ailey Kids”       Science: Storms,Review,Test (Fri.) Summarizing; vocabulary            


Spelling: Unit 12; No pretest      Math: use addition to check subtraction                  Test (Fri.)                     2 step problem solving, review

English: contractions, Review      MATH FACTS: 8+3, 3+8, 4+9, 9+4



Any cursive letters that have been learned in class will be expected to be written on all spelling tests from now on.  Please do not teach letters that we have not done yet.  December and Holiday Scholastic book order will be due December 9th.  Reading and Math logs for November are due on December 1st.  New Reading and Math log for December will be passed out on Tuesday.  Polar express day will be on the 21st so wear your jammies. Holiday break is the 23d-Jan. 4th.  Have a great weekend!!


detective                       perform

give                               remember                             

forgive                           mood                                     

native                            proud                                    

motive                           effort





together                        SPECIAL: MUSIC




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