November 2, 2020

Mrs. VanDorsten’s

           Weekly Newsletter

          November 2nd, 2020


Phonics: ful, less, ment, ness, ish   Handwriting:  upper/lowercase S,T

en, able Suffixes;                                                           


Reading: “One Grain of Rice”        Science: Fossils 

Making inferences                                                      


Spelling: Unit 9; Pretest Wed.        Math: Practice 2 digit addition

                 Test Friday                                                 


English: Writing narrative paragraph  MATH FACTS: 5+3, 3+5, 7+8, 8+7




Report cards sent home on Friday.  Remember to sign and bring back the envelope.  .  November reading and math log will be passed out.  Scholastic book orders are due on the 13th.  If you order online the code is PHF8977.  Picture retakes November 10th. Have a great weekend!

SPELLING                                                VOCABULARY/BONUS

catnip                                                        amount

habit                                                          clever

mascot                                                      collectors

hundred                                                    double

pancake                                                   reward

ketchup                                                    store




know                                      SPECIALS: MUSIC



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