October 26, 2020

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                             Weekly Newsletter

                              October 26th, 2020


Phonics: au, aw, -ic ending            Handwriting: Upper/lowercase Q                   multiple syllables                                    R


Reading: Chapter book             Social Studies: State Report DUE

 “Magic Tree House Perfect          MONDAY; Share with class

Time for Pandas”

NO VOCABULARY!                      Science: Fossils


Spelling: Unit 8, Pretest Wed.        Math: Adding 2 digit numbers

                Test Fri.                                                                  


English: Review, Test (Wed.)          Math Facts: 4+3, 3+4, 7+6, 6+7

Writing a paragraph




Keep working on the reading log and math facts for October! (Due on the 30th)   Report cards on the 30th.  Wear Halloween costumes on the 30th.  Please be conservative.  Also DO NOT bring any candy for your child to pass out please.  Make sure when your child brings homework home that you go over it in case they do not understand.  Thank you! Have a nice weekend.

Spelling list                                    BONUS    

blinked                                           independence                                  smelled                                           symbol

scolded                                           landmark                                       

crunches                                        government

shocks                                            state



where                           SPECIAL:  ART





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