September 28, 2020

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class

                           Weekly Newsletter

                         September 28th, 2020


Phonics: glued sounds: ang,ong       Handwriting: Upper/lowercase Ii 

ank,onk,unk,ink,ung,ing                                             Jj


Reading: “Meet Rosina”             Social Studies: Communities

Main Idea/Details                         outside of U.S.; Being a good               vocabulary list                           citizen, Review

Spelling: Unit 4; Pretest Wed.     Math:use subtraction to find missing Test Fri.                                         addends, fact families, solve 2 STEP                                                        problems 

                                                       Practice math facts  

English: Writing sentences using

the Writing Process; Giving oral directions    

Math Facts: 9+9, 2+6, 6+2



Scholastic book order is due the 30th. Don’t forget the September Reading Log and Monthly Math facts are due on the 30th.  This is a grade for Reading and Math.  They have to be signed and turned in!!  First conference date is October 1st.  Conference forms for every student were sent out this week.  If there is problem with the time please let me know right away. There will be some assessment data that will be sent home next week to go over at conferences.  Please hold on to these!! Don’t forget to bring in headphones if you haven’t already to keep at school.  Make sure your child is bringing his/her water bottle home everyday to get washed. Thanks! Have a great weekend!!

Spelling list                                          VOCABULARY/SPELLING BONUS

trunk                                                         cultures

squall                                                        deaf

blank                                                         signing

chunk                                                        relatives

shrink                                                        celebrate



both*                             SPECIALS WEEKLY:  ART



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