September 15, 2020

Mrs. VanDorsten’s Class 

Weekly Newsletter

                          September 15, 2020


Wilson/phonics: spelling of /k/       Handwriting:Upper/lowercase Ee   review blends                                                         Ff


Reading: “Mr. Putter and Tabby”    Social Studies: Communities

Beginning, Middle, End                   suburb, urban, rural,                            vocabulary list                              

Spelling: Unit 2; Test Fri.               Math: add 3 numbers, problem                                                                    solving, counting back to subtract

English: Subject/predicates;                   

Punctuation, words of places; Review 

 Math Facts: 2+4, 4+2, 7+7(Quiz Thurs.)



The students have been getting hungry in the morning so it is ok if they want to bring in a snack to hold them over until lunch.  No school on September the 14th.  It is a teacher work day. Vocabulary words are at the bottom to the right.  They need to know how to read the words and what they mean.  These are also their bonus words in Spelling. Homework will be written in their planners and have a red dot at the top.  Remember, homework is counted for a grade!  Scholastic book order is due the 30th. September Reading Log and Monthly Math facts are due on the 30thThis is a grade of 100 points for Reading and Math.  They have to be signed and turned in!!  The students have to record what color they are on at the end of every day in the yellow square of their planner.  Planners need to be signed and returned everyday along with their RED take home folders.  Have great weekend!!

Spelling list                           VOCABULARY/SPELLING BONUS

shelf                                       share

trash                                       wonderful

speck                                     thinning

flinch                                      delighted

drench                                   company

brush                                     enjoyed



was *                            SPECIAL WEEKLY: LIBRARY/COMPUTER LAB

said *                           

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