Grading Policy

Grading Policy:  Mrs. Grandjean



1. Homework. Assigned daily, and will be graded using the following scale:

2 points:  All homework problems are written on paper; all steps of work are shown in entirety (even if not sure

      if correct); answer circled or boxed; easy to clearly read.

1 point:  Over half but not all of the HW is completed; not all problems written on paper; not all work is shown;

      difficult to tell if all problems are on paper due to messy work.

0 points:  Less than half of the HW was attempted; student does not have HW at all; student has only a list of

      answers with no work shown.


 2. Quizzes. Are given at the end of each few sections; will vary in points, depending on material covered.

 3. Tests. Are given at the end of each chapter and worth 100 points; similar to HW and quiz problems.

 4. Extra Credit. Will be given occasionally; point total will vary.

I sometimes will offer a retake if a student earns a D or an F on a quiz.  The highest grade that may be earned upon the retake is a 70% (lowest C possible.)  To qualify to take the retest, the student must go on my online classroom, take the practice quiz and turn it in to me to show he or she has reviewed the material again, s/he must have completed at least 85% of his or her homework from the unit the quiz covered, s/he must have done the review assignment before the quiz and must have been working on the practice quiz in class the previous day.  Students may come to my room any time during a study hall or lunch to do the retake (one week timeframe—I will put a note in Progress Book if you are eligible.)


MAKE-UP WORK:  All notes, HW, worksheets, and a link to the online edition of the textbook are on my online classroom-go there if you miss class!


If a student misses school, he or she is responsible for making up any missed assignments and taking any missed quiz or test by the next class meeting (one day for each day missed.) If a student is in class the day a test or quiz is announced, and then misses class, s/he will be expected to take that item upon her/his return. No extra time will be given if only review is missed. If a student misses class but is in school the day of a quiz, s/he should come in during study hall that day to take quiz or test. If a student is assigned to DAC, the student MUST get assignments ahead of time and have them ready to turn in on the first day the student returns to class. This includes any test or quiz--it must be taken in DAC.


 ** Students who have planned absences such as field trips, vacations other than the school-issued vacation, sporting events, surgeries, etc. are expected to get their work from me ahead of time or from my online classroom and have it ready to turn in upon return from the scheduled absence (no extra time given for absences that are planned in advance.)


 **Students who have unexpected absences due to family emergencies, illnesses, funerals, etc. should make an effort if possible to get assignments from my online classroom, from a classmate, or by emailing me so they do not get any further behind. One day is given for each day missed.


**Students who are in school but just miss class should get the assignment that was given that day (get it from from my online classroom—everyone has a chromebook now—or from me or from another student) and have it ready for the following day.  No extra time is given if students are in school but just miss class. This includes partial-day absences, helping with other programs, going to Nolley, drama and band performances, Chemisty show, ice-cream social, perfect attendance or senior breakfast, testing, college visits in guidance office, leaving early, coming in late, etc.


**If a student misses class more than 9 days per quarter, the student will be referred to the office and recommended for failure for the class that quarter unless doctor excuses are on file in office


        **You do not need to come in to ask me what you missed--everything is on my online classroom**

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