Algebra 2  

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If you have any questions please feel free to email me at and I will answer any questions you have. Please do not use the panther country address as I don't check it like I do this one.

Remember to click on the Quizizz folder and click on the link to join my class before the first quiz next week!  Please enter your entire first and last name--thanks!

Homework Solutions will be posted the day after it is assigned.  Remember--I will not be grading homework; you should check your own work to make sure you are working the problems correctly.  This is how colleges handle homework; they only grade quizzes/midterms/exams.  This will give you practice doing homework when the only reward is understanding (which is why it is assigned!)  Practice makes perfect!  :)

When it's time for the quiz, the online notes and HW solutions will be hidden, so you need to look at the notes, do the HW, and check the HW as it is posted and not wait until you are ready to take the quiz to start doing the assignments.  I will repost the notes and HW solutions when the quiz deadline has passed and I give a retake opportunity. 

To access the textbook online, go to

go to where it says login, and type in: 

user name: jane_panther

password: panthers

Mrs. Grandjean

  • First Week of Algebra 2

    Please Cover Books.

    Only pencil may be used for math work.

    A TI-84 Calculator is suggested.

    My free periods are 3rd, 5th, and 6th.

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