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MLS Board 2020
(L-R: Jason Jividen, Rick Sponseller, Steve Rector, Cindy McDonald, Joe Hercules)     
Manchester Board of Education:

President: Mrs. Cindy McDonald
Mr. Joe Hercules
Mr. Jason Jividen
Mr. Steve Rector
Mr. Richard Sponseller
     Regular Board meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at
6:30 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Administration building,
6075 Manchester Rd.

Welcome to the Manchester Board of Education
  • School Board members are elected officials bearing the ultimate official responsibility for providing a quality education for the youth of the community.  
  • This responsibility can only be exercised in public session.
  • A Board member as an individual has no control over the schools or any employee of the schools.


Our Mission

The mission of the Manchester Local School Board is quite simple but comprehensive:  The school system is obligated to encourage mutual understanding and respect among various vocational, economic, religious, ethnic, and racial groups.  The schools will make every effort to provide a program that will develop the potential of each individual student in order to prepare them for the world in which they live. 


The schools recognize that individuals differ in ability and rate of learning and, therefore, will strive to plan a program for the whole child taking into account his/her intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, and aesthetic needs and potential.


The schools shall make every effort to provide a healthy environment where students can work together and participate in learning experiences that will help them become a meaningful part of our society.


Our Vision

The vision of Manchester Schools will focus on the following for each student in our system being able to:

  • develop those fundamental skills necessary for everyday living;
  • develop minds which can cope with the problems of a rapidly changing world;
  • develop responsible persons dedicated to the use of intelligence and reason in the solution of problems;
  • develop talent, appreciation, and discriminating taste in the fine arts;
  • develop learning experiences which are purposeful and meaningful; 
  • conduct a program that will develop a child physically and make the child conscious of personal hygiene;
  • motivate and help young people to understand the democratic way of life in America and to teach them to act democratically in all relationships with others;
  • instill in the student an interest in and concern for local, national, and world affairs;
  • consider the exceptional student and to develop programs which fit the above mentioned goals.


Major Functions of the School Board

  • The development of policy statements which give direction in the operation of the schools.
  • The selection and evaluation of the Superintendent and Treasurer.
  • Monitoring the operation of the school systems.
    • The Board does not concern itself directly with the administration of the schools.
    • The Board does determine whether or not the school system is functioning properly and in accordance with established policies.



  • Regular Meetings
    • Manchester Board of Education meetings are generally held at 6:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of every month at the Manchester Central Office Board Room.
    • Board meetings are open to the public and your attendance is appreciated.  These meetings are held to allow people to be informed about board decisions.
    • We welcome your comments during Hearing of Committees and Delegations.
      • Public comments must be directed to the Board President.
      • Participants commenting must state their name, address, and group affiliation if appropriate.
  • Executive Sessions
    • Ohio law permits the Board to hold executive sessions to discuss:
      • personnel matters
      • purchase of property for public purposes
      • pending or imminent court action
      • negotiations with employees
      • matters to be kept confidential by federal law or state statutes
      • specialized details of security arrangements
      • confidential information related to economic development
  • Executive sessions are for discussion only, no action is permitted.


The following link to the Ohio Revised Code may assist you with understanding the process of meeting rules:



  • Meeting agendas are available in the back of the meeting room before the start of each meeting.
  • Board members receive a full agenda several days before the Board meeting.



  • Draft minutes are posted on the district website following each meeting.
  • Board approved meeting minutes are posted on the district website following the meeting they are approved at.


Requests for Information

  • Public record requests should be directed to the Board Treasurer




Board Members





Manchester Local School District
6075 Manchester Rd.
New Franklin, OH 44319
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