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Transportation Supervisor



Transportation Supervisor
Christina Gray

     Please contact the bus garage concerning any transportation questions.






Policies Procedures Guidelines 


  • Reminder that riding the bus is a PRIVILEGE granted to you.  The bus is viewed as an extension of the classroom and conduct should be similar.
  • Profanity or obscene language will not be tolerated on the bus.  Use of such language will be considered serious enough misconduct to have your riding privileges suspended.
  • Eating, drinking, lighting matches, smoking, spitting or littering on the bus floor with any material is not permitted.
  • Windows may be opened with permission from your driver.  Do not extend any part of your body or any other objects out of a bus window at any time.  Close your windows as instructed by your driver.  Throwing any object from a motor vehicle is prohibited by law.
  • Any conduct that distracts the attention of the driver or that endangers lives cannot be tolerated.  Examples of this conduct are: throwing objects, wrestling, scuffling, fighting, grabbing clothing, books, or other objects and passing them around the bus.
  • Absolute quiet must be observed while stopped at, and crossing, all railroad tracks.
  • Continued or serious misconduct or refusal to obey a driver shall be sufficient reason for refusing transportation services to any student.  Parents of students doing damage to a school bus may be billed for repair costs. 


  • The transportation or carrying of firearms or any other weapons or explosives on a school bus is prohibited by law.  There is “zero” tolerance for joking about weapons.
  • The transportation of pets, animals, or any other living creature is also prohibited by law.
  • Sharp or pointed items, pens, pencils, compass, etc., should be carried in a closed container.
  • No glass containers, bottles, balloons, aerosol containers or fragile items may be carried on the bus. (Lunch and thermos bottles are acceptable).  Personal headphone radios are allowed if permitted in your school.  They must be played as not to disturb others.  The use of cell phones is not permitted, unless granted by the Bus Driver.  Picture taking by the cell phone is forbidden.
  • Pupils may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps- i.e., musical instruments, projects or packages.  Please arrange other means of transportation if you must bring any large, fragile, or forbidden cargo to school!


  • Each year instruction is given in the K through 3rd grades within the first two weeks of school on bus safety and behavior.
  • Drivers are provided CPR and emergency first aid training.
  • All buses are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, road flares and markers.  Additionally, every bus is equipped with a two-way radio.
  • Annually, drivers participate in an in-service training on topics related to safety.  Drivers conduct daily pre-trip bus inspections.
  • All buses are inspected annually by the State Highway Patrol.  Spot safety checks are conducted periodically during the year.
  • Emergency evacuation drills are conducted each year. 



  1. The Board of Education shall at all times maintain general supervision and control over the transportation program.  The Board shall delegate the actual responsibility for direct control to the person designated by the Superintendent and the Board of Education to be responsible for transportation.
  2. The bus drivers shall be approved by the BOE, section 3327.101, 4501.01 revised code.
  3. Buses used for pupil transportation shall meet all Ohio State standards for school buses.
  4. Manchester pupils living in Manchester are entitled to transportation.
  5. Special and different walk limits shall be set for pupils if terrains, age of pupil, traffic, walk space, weather, or pupils’ health have bearing on his or her safety.
  6. The travel time a student is on the bus depends on how many students ride the bus and how many bus runs the school has.
  7. Pupils with physical disabilities that make walking difficult or dangerous, living any distance from school are entitled to transportation as per regulations for children with disabilities.
  8. Buses may not travel on side roads from main bus routes.
  9. Bus stops shall be limited, where possible, so that pupils from several homes can meet at a central point safely for group pick up.  Elementary aged students may have less distance to walk, whereas, middle and high school aged students may walk greater distance.


  • The bus routes have been designed to promote the safest and most efficient transportation to and from school.
  • Students are required to board and get off at their assigned stops.  In addition, students are required to be at their bus stop at least three (3) to five (5) minutes early.
  •  These requirements are necessary for the safety of the students and the need to get students to and from school in a timely manner.
  • Pupils are to ride only the buses to which they have been assigned.  We will allow only one pick-up and drop-off address for your children.  Please make plans for a SINGLE pick-up/drop-off location.  A single stop avoids confusion and assures the safety of the student(s).
  • The responsibility is with the parent/guardian being home for student drop-off.  Examples are: (1) The child refuses to get off the bus at his/her stop because he/she feels something is wrong at the residence.  (2) A custody battle, where a parent without custody rights tries to get the child from the bus (This has actually happened).  In these instances, the child will be asked to be seated and we will proceed on from the stop.  The driver will call the Transportation Director and he/she will make the decision.  Typically, the procedure is the child will be brought to the bus garage (after route is completed) and parent will pick child up from bus garage.  (This procedure applies to Kindergarten and 1st Graders ONLY)
  • If you wish to ride a bus other than your own to a friend’s house your parent or guardian must send a written note to your school office.  The school secretary will issue a bus pass for you to present to the bus driver.
  • You may not ride a bus other than your own without a bus pass.
  • Manchester Local School District does NOT transport students to after-school employment. 


  No student is permitted to stand while riding a school bus.  Since there may be three students to a seat, it is important to share the space.  Each student will have an assigned seat.  Please do not move from your seat unless instructed to do so.

     LOADING: Wait for your bus at your designated place of safety out of the roadway.  You should line up single file and board the bus in an orderly manner, going immediately to your seat so that the bus will not be delayed and others may board.  Please do not stand or kneel on seats or sit on seat backs as you could be injured if the bus stops suddenly and it damages the cushions.

    UNLOADING: When arriving at school, remain seated until instructed by your driver to move.  When preparing to leave the bus at your home destination you may move to a front seat during the stop before yours.  Stand only after the bus comes to a complete stop.  After exiting the bus, go to your designated place of safety and stay there until the bus leaves the bus stop.

    CROSSING THE ROADWAY:  When it is necessary to cross the street or road before getting on or after getting off the bus, you must cross at least (10) ten steps from the front of the bus.  Always wait for the bus driver’s signal to cross the street or road, as the driver is in a position to see traffic from both directions.  Before moving into traffic lane, check traffic in both directions.

Remember if your driver sounds the horn it means DANGER.  Always go to your designated place of safety and wait there until bus departs.

Any Questions or Concerns: Please contact the Bus Garage at 330-882-3184.