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Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Mrs. Rachel Willis

330-882-6926  ext. 564006



      Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction website!  The Manchester Local School District had a Performance Index rating of 87.8% on the most recent report card data.  Please follow this link to view more specific data from the most recently released report card.   All of Manchester’s success has been made possible by dedicated staff, parent input, and a supportive Board of Education. Our Board has made this possible by giving the district the needed tools and material while at the same time making sure that the right materials are attained and used in a frugal manner. Along with that, recently many technological advances have been made within our district that will help our students to excel with ever changing 21st century demands.  Teachers are implementing Ohio's Learning Standards in their classrooms and working to meet the demands of a rigorous academic curriculum.  Visit my curriculum website for more resources on Ohio’s Learning Standards and Ohio State Tests.  Please find on this page links that will provide more information for community members. Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions, and as always, GO PANTHERS!!