Manchester Local Schools believe that good attendance is crucial for students to achieve at their highest levels and establish positive life-long habits.  We appreciate parental support and the commitment from students to be on time and be present every day.


There have been recent changes in Ohio law (HB 410) that parents need to be aware of.


HB 410 (Truancy Bill) Summary:


There are two levels of absence concerns:  “Excessive absences” and “Habitual truancy”.  Absences will be documented in hours, not just days; so tardiness is also a factor.


Students will fall into the “Excessive” category when they miss 38 hours in a month (app. 6 days) or 65 hours for the year (app. 11 days).  This includes excused absences.  Exceptions are allowed for severe illness with medical documentation, hospital stays, or extenuating circumstances. 


Students are now declared a “habitual truant” if they miss 5 or more consecutive days, 7 days in a month, or 12 days in a year (UNEXCUSED days). This equates to 30, 42, and 72 hours.  While schools do not suspend or expel students solely on the basis of unexcused absences, students who exceed these limits will be placed on a plan with an “Intervention Team” that parents will be expected to take part in to “find ways to keep the child in school.” Our School Resource Officer will also play a role on the team.  If no progress is made for two months, the school is required to file a complaint in Juvenile Court.


Manchester students have traditionally had outstanding attendance records, and we expect that to continue.  However, for the few that do fall into these categories, it is important that parents understand the procedures and policies involved in correcting poor attendance and tardiness.


MHS Attendance Notes

  • If your child is sick and needs to stay home, please call the Attendance Office at 330-882-5578 before 9:00 a.m.   In the rare case you are unable to call, please send a note in with your child the next day.
  • If we do not hear from a parent when their child is not at school, it’s considered an unexcused absence.   That results in 2 days of DAC, and counts toward the new standards.
  • Oversleeping, car trouble, or missing the bus are not valid excuses to be tardy.  Students receive warnings the first 2 times they are tardy in a grading period.  After that, we move to detentions and DAC.
  • Students and parents should always use the back door (#3) by the Athletic/Attendance Office when entering or leaving the building during school hours.  Students should always use the Attendance Office phone when they need to call their parents. 

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