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Mrs. Matson's Online Newsletter   

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Mrs. Matson
4th Grade Teacher
Math, Spelling
Nolley Elementary School
(330) 882-4133

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Students and families,
I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. During this time off school there are several things the students can do to stay on top of their education. Please see below for some past and present math skills you can keep working on while we're off, along with the information for accessing our math book online! There are many great websites and apps to help keep up on all subjects - just click the Math App link to the left for a few already listed. Click on the Spelling link to see upcoming lists and practice games also. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me as I will be checking that daily. Remember, we're all in this together!
It is very important to keep up with your fact practice. 

Think Central is the website that goes along with our current math series. Here’s what to do to access this and keep moving along.

  1. Email me for the username and password of your student.    

  2. Log in to Thinkcentral.com.  Click on “Things to Do”, go to “My Library”.  Click on HSP Math Student Edition, G4, OH. (This is the math text book that goes along with everything we've been doing this year.) Go to Chapter 15 (current chapter).  It would be helpful to review each lesson.  

  3. Each lesson has an Intervention and Mega Math Activity link on the right hand side. These are extra materials which are extremely helpful. Everything is read aloud. There is also an Enrich With Projects link for those who could use extra stretching!

  4. Your student can complete the practice questions throughout the Intervention and Mega Math activities, along with the practice problems at the end of each lesson.


Again, please email me for the username and password of your student.

Current chapter vocabulary: Ch. 15 - fraction, unit fraction, numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, simplest form, mixed number
Continue to practice all skills you have learned this year:
  • place value up to a million
  • number patterns
  • multi-digit addition and subtraction, using regrouping and borrowing
  • 3-digit x 2-digit multiplication *don't forget the holding zero!
  • long division - up to 3-digit dividends divided by a 1-digit divisor *Do you still have your cheeseburger we made to help?
  • graphs - bar graph, double bar graph, line plot
  • coordinate plane
  • fractions - find equivalent fractions, compare and order, find simplest form 
    *Practice finding common denominators - you will need this to add and subtract unlike fractions next chapter.
     **Refer to the Fractions Reference Sheet I gave you if you forget something (white half sheet).
  • If you have your vocabulary notebook please review the words and definitions so you don't forget them.

Moving forward:
We still need to learn chapters 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23 this school year. If your child would like to look through these chapters and then try some practice problems at the end of the lessons, you can always send me his/her answers to check!

Math Logs: Practice multiplication and division facts 5 - 10 minutes daily and have it signed!
hey will be checked on the first school day of every week for signatures. (20 days signed are needed for full credit each month)
March logs due upon return to school.
Monday: Pretest   
TuesdayHW 3x each misspelled pretest word (due Wednesday)
WednesdayMorning work (in class) - Write every word from current list 2x each for practice
ThursdayPractice roots and words (play Sparkle)
Friday: TEST
Reading: Read 20 minutes daily
Go to Mrs. Toth's online classroom for assignments.
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