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This course is designed to help prepare our students to become citizens of the world who can imagine creative solutions to today's challenges. The twenty-first century has transformed how people live, work, and think. More than ever before, interactions between cultures transform our ideas, values, technology, and way of life. Students will have an opportunity to study countries and regions of the world with a better understanding of the connections of the geography, political, government structure, economic development, social and cultural heritage, environmental concerns, energy resources and allocations, human rights, and the sustainable and transitional relationship with the United States and other political units.
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  • Weekly World News Briefings

    Group 1 THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! 

    You are allowed to use visuals.

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  • Assignment 11

    February 10, 2016

    Submit as Assignemnt 11 and Group Blog Entry on Water and Air

    What are your current thoughts about the future of water and air qualitiy in the world knowing what you now know?

    thoughts your group must include in blog entry:

    are you very concerned about yourself or others in the world?

    can governments fix it?

    who is to blame?

    is a world issue or regional issues?

    are we doomed?

    what are your contributions to the problem?

    what are your contributions to the solution?

    Assign On: 2/10/2016
    Due: 2/11/2016, Submit Assignment
  • Assignment 12

    February 8, 2016

    North Korea in News...........what is going on? why do I need to be concerned?

    Each group will be given a certain key ingredient to helping all of us understand North Korea.

    Each presentation will need to be less reading and more of telling a story.  Images need to be clear and add to the narrative not just fill.  Can we just look at this class as an opportunity to learn new things and not about just getting an assignment done.  Think about your audience.  I am not your audience.  

    Assign On: 2/11/2016
    Due: 2/17/2016, Submit Assignment
  • Assignment 4 Secretary of State

    January 29, 2016

    Go to this website and click on media and daily press briefing.  Watch a press briefing to get an idea of what we are trying to copy or reproduce.  The objective is to get you to follow the daily world can get an app for all kinds of news outlets.

    Diplomacy in Action

    Each of the 9 groups will act out a 5 minute Daily Press Briefing held by the U.S. Department of State on current global news stories of the day. We will do sign ups for groups to go on a Tuesday and Friday of each week. Each week two groups will go, one will go on Tuesday and another on Friday.  The group on Tuesday should brief us on new events and you must give an update on one event the group before you reported.  Each briefing will be neatly written or typed and will be placed in the Daily Briefing Binder. Your job is to inform us of the top news stories around the world.  An explanation must be given about the story; I do not expect you to be an expert so just give us some facts about the story.  

    We may decide to explore the story as a class.  

    Be prepared for questions from the me.  Each group will continue to follow the stories they reported on so on a Tuesday or Friday you can quickly give us an update if you feel it is significant.





    Assign On: 1/29/2016
    Due: 4/5/2016, Submit Assignment
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