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This course is designed to help prepare our students to become citizens of the world who can imagine creative solutions to today's challenges. The twenty-first century has transformed how people live, work, and think. More than ever before, interactions between cultures transform our ideas, values, technology, and way of life. Students will have an opportunity to study countries and regions of the world with a better understanding of the connections of the geography, political, government structure, economic development, social and cultural heritage, environmental concerns, energy resources and allocations, human rights, and the sustainable and transitional relationship with the United States and other political units.
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    • Assignment 14

      Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy

      Write a Quick recall of the policy so you can explain it to someone else.....submit as an individual


      Assign On: 2/15/2017
      Due: 2/22/2017, Submit Assignment
    • Assignment 13

      Craving Cuba Documentary - The Cuban American Story

      Individual Blog Entry

      Write a reaction to Craving Cuba.

      What did you learn about the story of Cuban Americans?

      How would you describe the video to someone to get them to watch it?

      Why would it be worth watching?

      Interesting differences between the young and old Cuban Americans?



      Assign On: 2/14/2017
      Due: 2/22/2017
    • Assignment 16

      Cuban Missile Crisis

      Submit as an individual

      Open Folder 2017 and open folder Cuban Missile Crisis and follow link and read and write a short summary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Submit as an individual.

      Assign On: 2/16/2017
      Due: 2/22/2017, Submit Assignment
    • Assignment 15

      Bay of Pigs

      Submit as Individuals

      Click on the 2017 Folder and open Bay of Pigs Folder and follow link and read the article and write a short summary and submit as an individual.

      Assign On: 2/15/2017
      Due: 2/22/2017, Submit Assignment
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