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This course is designed to help prepare our students to become citizens of the world who can imagine creative solutions to today's challenges. The twenty-first century has transformed how people live, work, and think. More than ever before, interactions between cultures transform our ideas, values, technology, and way of life. Students will have an opportunity to study countries and regions of the world with a better understanding of the connections of the geography, political, government structure, economic development, social and cultural heritage, environmental concerns, energy resources and allocations, human rights, and the sustainable and transitional relationship with the United States and other political units.
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  • Grading Policy

    Grading Policy 

    1.  20 points for attendance each day.  If absent then you will be required to submit an ABS Assignment that will be discussed on the first day of class.

    2.  Electronic Portfolio of all assignments.

    3.  Grades for each Assignment will be announced.

  • Week of 3-17 to 3-21

    Monday- Assignments 19,20,22,23 Follow up to Friday's Discussion and Understanding of past and current alliances.

    Tuesday - Complete Monday's Assignments

    Wednesday - Present Findings from Assignments 19,20,21,22,23

    Thursday - Human Rights and Water Assignments

    Friday - Human Rights and Water Assignments

  • Week of 3-10 to 3-14

    Monday - CBS 60 Minutes Clip on Ukraine - Climpse at the people

    Tuesday - Assignment 17 - How is social media being used in Venezuela and Ukraine.  Show clip of reporters and their views about their company RT.

    Assignment 18 - Economic and Non Economic Imports and Exports

    Wednesday -  Assignment 19 - Connections between Russia and Venezuela and Cuba

    Thursday - Assignment 20  - Cuba and the United States - Short History and where are we now in 2014 (Cuban Americans)

    Friday - Assignment 21 - Class Discussion on Part 3 of U.S. role in a Changing World

  • Week of 3-24 to 3-28

    Week of 3-24 to 3-28

    Monday - Discussion on What Policy Makers should do about Russia with the Ukraine and Crimea situation?  Talking points of the 12 proposals and consequences researched.

    Tuesday - Human Rights - Brainstorm and Watch Youtube video on Human Rights Assignment 26 - Prioritizing Human Rights

    Wednesday - Human Rights 27 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Thursday - Human Rights - Choices Program Online Scholars

    Friday - Human Rights - Give Presentation


  • Week of 4-7 to 4-11

    Monday - Finish Human Rights Presentations

    Tuesday - Human Rights Scenarios and pages 40-41 and water (Assignments 28-30)

    Wednesday -  Water and China (Assignments 31-32)

    Thursday - China (Assignment 33)

    Friday - China

  • Week of 2-18- to 2-21

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - No School

    Wednesday - Chromebooks modified and continue to work on Assignments 4 and 5

    Thursday - Assignments 4 and 5 will be submitted today.

    Friday - Discussion over the two Foreign Policy Articles

  • Week of 2-10 to 2-14

    Monday - Discuss the CBS Clip from Friday.  Identify 12 places in the world including 3 in the United States and research what life is like for a teenager/college student.  2 Minutes Max and only photos for quick presentation to rest of class.

    Tuesday - Finish Global Teen Assignment

    Wednesday - Global Teen Presentation.  Assignment 4 Terms to Know - Identify only the terms you do not know and find meaning so you understand.

    Thursday -Discuss Global Teen Assignment for a few minutes as a large group. Assignment 4 and 5.  Global Terms and

    Friday - Finish Assignment Assignment 4 and 5.  Discuss Monday's Assignment for global news updates to follow.

  • Week of 2-24 to 2-28

    Monday - Assignment 10 The U.S. Role in a Changing World. Intro and Section 1 due for Friday's Discussion.  Assignment 9 Divide up Global Connections for each group.

    Tuesday - Work on Assignments 9 and 10

    Wednesday - Assignmnet 12  Status on Venezuela and Ukraine......Assignment 11 How many civil wars or protests are going on in the WORLD across the GLOBE.

    Thursday - Present Assignment 9 Global Connections

    Friday - Discussion of Intro and Section 1 U.S. Role in a Changing World....history

  • Week of 3-3 to 3-7

    Monday - Assign Assignments 13 and 14 Follow up to last week and where are things now in Ukraine.

    Tuesday - Work on Presentation for Venezuela and Ukraine

    Wednesday - Assignment 15  Read ABJ Article Commentary on NATO and Russia Presentations due today

    Thursday - Assignment 17 How is Social Media being used in Venezuela and Ukraine

    Friday - Assignment 16 Part II of Packet Discussion

  • Week of 1-20 to 1-24

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - No School

    Wednesday - Snow Day so........ Introduction to Class and the learning methodology that will be used.  Global Studies Webpage instructions.  Starter Activities to help students understand the importance of Geo Literacy.

    Thursday - The Role of the United States in the World??????

    Friday - What is in the News outside of the United States but is it in your life?

  • Week of 1-27 to 1-31

    Monday- Snow Day

    Tuesday - Snow Day

    Wednesday - Snow Day

    Thursday - Brainstorm Global News Items that you have heard in the news.  List on board and then have teams narrow down to top 12.  Research the 12 news items and prepare a quick summary consisting of 2 minutes with photos only.

    Friday - Continue to work on presentation.

  • Week of 2-3 to 2-7

    Monday - Finish Presentations

    Tuesday - Present News Items

    Wednesday - Snow Day

    Thursday - 1. Global News Items that you want to further explore and why? importance to you and other citizens.  2.  Secretary of State Website Search and watch a news briefing and What to expect in Sochi 3.  Teenagers in other countries? 60 minute clip on teens.

    Friday - 1. Read United States Changing Role Handout 2. Terms and concepts you need to know  3.  Global Concerns Folder - Top 2 to examine.

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  • Grading Policy

    Grading Policy 

    1.  20 points for attendance each day.  If absent then you will be required to submit an ABS Assignment that will be discussed on the first day of class.

    2.  Electronic Portfolio of all assignments.

    3.  Grades for each Assignment will be announced

    Assign On: 11/25/2014
    Due: 5/15/2015
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