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This course is designed to help prepare our students to become citizens of the world who can imagine creative solutions to today's challenges. The twenty-first century has transformed how people live, work, and think. More than ever before, interactions between cultures transform our ideas, values, technology, and way of life. Students will have an opportunity to study countries and regions of the world with a better understanding of the connections of the geography, political, government structure, economic development, social and cultural heritage, environmental concerns, energy resources and allocations, human rights, and the sustainable and transitional relationship with the United States and other political units.
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    All assignments are assigned and completed in class so assignments will be graded but an attendance grade will also make up your overall grade for the course.  Daily attendance grade will be 10 points per day.

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  • Assignment 2 Global Teen

    Assignment 2

    Pick a place in the world and write that place on the side whiteboard so others do not duplicate it.

    If you would like to work in a group that would be ok,,,,one condition is that everyone must submit an outline of what you found out about your teenager/young adult  You will do a presentation by using only images to tell the story of the life of your global teenager.  Find out what life is like for teenagers or young adults where they live. You will present this to the class next Tuesday, you have 3 minutes and that is it.  You will only use photos or short video clips to share your information.

    Objective is to just find out differences or similarities to your life.


    Deadline is Monday to submit your outline of facts and presentations will all be on Tuesday

    Assign On: 1/18/2017
    Due: 1/23/2017, Submit Assignment
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