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Superintendent's Message

Dr. James Robinson


Here are a few items that will meet our students as they return to classes on August 23.  Just as the buildings are ready to open, due to the hard work of our maintenance staff, so too has the system readied the school year with a new grading scale policy that will go into effect this fall.  This new system took the input of our teachers and administrators all of last year to make sure it met our needs.  There is much more on this grading scale shift that will be shared by our Director of Curriculum as well as by building staff during the year.  Even though the PARCC testing has gone away, the Ohio Department of Education testing program is still with us and that program will take place in the second semester of the year.  As part of the 2016-2017 Ohio Budget, the General Assembly directed the Ohio Department of Education to transition to new tests using Ohio standards with high school end-of-course exams and tests in grades 3-10 in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) which are all now in place. There will still be a Third Grade Reading Guarantee requirement for students to move to grade 4.  It should be noted that the data on the new report card appears to show that all of our grade 3 students had 100% met the requirement and advanced to grade 4.   There will still be a requirement for mandated graduation tests for end-of-course requirements for incoming students in grade 9 and 10 in Biology and American History as well as all of our grade 12 students in the content area of Government along with the specific Math and ELA requirements.  Students at the high school will be required to obtain a certain number of points on the exams for graduation in place of a single test like the OGT in the past to meet the requirements for a diploma.  During the school year, each building’s administration, counselors, and teachers will explain all of the required tests for students.  If you have questions, please contact the principal at the building.


An improvement for the state report card this year is that it will appear to parents in mid-September instead of late into the school year.  Once the report card comes out in the fall we will keep all parents informed on how children did on the assessments.  Because testing is still coming out late to get ready to meet student needs, our entire district staff will once again be using Student Learning Objective assessments to determine needs for our students with various standards.  These SLO assessments, made by teachers, will give data needed to determine if learning targets are being met at the end of the year and what standards teachers need to focus on to assure student growth for the year.  It needs to be noted that our students had the opportunity last year to participate for the first time in the College Credit Plus program. We again will have a designed program for our students, with staff assistance, in the high school building for our students.  This program enables our students the opportunity to earn college credit for classes without ever having to leave the high school therefore allowing them to be able to better participate in school academics and extracurricular activities.  The program is in addition to our program of post-secondary options in which students leave the building to attend a university program. 


Again, our teaching staff, administrators, maintenance staff and I are looking forward to another new and very eventful school year.


Dr. James Robinson




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