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Forum moderators lead the dicussion Current Issues

The Senior Current Issues class hosted the annual student-run High School Forum on Wednesday, January 4th from 7:55 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. on the local, state, national and global issue of "Sustaining Ourselves".  The Current Issues students moderated 5 small groups of 18 on how we can best meet the needs of today and tomorrow in dealing with our precious natural resources.  The semester class provides students the opportunity to learn and practice the deliberative skills needed to host public forums.  The students in attendance were provided three possible options or solutions to the issue and through the democratic, deliberative process, the collective group of 105 students came to a common ground on Option Three, Transforming Our Culture.  The forum was a huge success, because it provided students the important opportunity to talk and listen to one another through the deliberative process; students in the class showcased their new moderating skills and the student participants became more educated about this very important issue.  The ideas learned at a forum never end, hopefully each participant will continue to be better stewards of our environment based on their new knowledge.

aj steph December Seniors of the month!


Congratulations to

A.J. McMasters and Stephanie Smith

on being selected the December Seniors of the Month

A.J. is a member of the marching, concert, and pep bands.  He is Vice President of the Pep Band and the BBQ Club.  He is also a member of the Drama Club and Singers. 

Stephanie is the Senior Class Secretary, WSFM Treasurer, and Spanish Club Vice President.  She is a member of the marching,concert, and pep bands.  She serves as the Colorguard captain.  Stephanie is also a member of Images, Singers, the Girl Scouts, and the BBQ Club.


January 2017 Nolley's Leaders of the Month

Congratulations to this month's winners.

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